The Blessing of Voting

Today is election day, 2014. In the USA, we have a wonderful system in place which allows us as citizens to have the opportunity to express ouropinion through the ballot box. Every registered voter has an equal opportunity, and an equal voice in who they desire to be elected for various offices. But can you imagine what life would be like if we did not have that privilege?vote

For instance, think of Old Testament Israel. After the kingdom split, the northern kingdom of Israel never had one king who did right in God’s sight. One of those kings, Ahab, ruled for about 20 years. He was a wicked man, who had a wicked wife, and who did wicked things. Israel could not vote him out of office, but had to endure his reign. In the southern kingdom, though there were some kings who did right in God’s eyes, some did not. King Manasseh ruled for 55 years. While the end of his reign saw some heart change, he brought the kingdom of Judah into great wickedness. The citizens of Judah could not cast a ballot against the king, but had to endure all those years.

While the USA has had its fair share of Presidents who do not fear the Lord, we at least have the blessing of knowing they can serve no more than a maximum of eight years. And every four years, we have a chance to change who sits in the oval office.

I say that voting is a blessing that every Christian who is able to do so should take advantage of. We do not put our confidence or hope in any political party or candidate. We ought to vote responsibly, according to a biblical worldview, and with a mind to put people in office who will do our country good rather than evil.

So today, go out and vote.


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