True Peace

Too many of our Christian homes today are plagued by the cancer of selfish pride. This in turn produces turmoil, strife, and great conflicts in the home. Marriages are falling apart because two people are too busy fighting for eacgloryh of their own sinful ways. The parent/child relationship is crumbling because parents selfishly provoke their children to anger, and because children proudly choose to rebel against parental authority.

In these kinds of situations, a peaceful day is one in which there have been no fights within the home. But that is not true peace; that is simply the absence of conflict, and is probably temporary at best.

When the angels announced the birth of Jesus Christ to the shepherds, they made a proclamation, “glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace….” There is a connection between those two thoughts that all families must realize. In order for true peace to reign in our hearts individually and in our homes, God’s glory must be the target of everyone within the home. In other words, glorifying God is a prerequisite to true peace within the Christian home.

If mom and/or dad are not facing every situation through the lens of bringing glory to God, then fights between spouses will virtually be guaranteed. If a parent and/or child doesn’t target the glory of God in all he does, then there will be great conflicts springing up.

The desire of every Christian within the home must be to bring glory to God, as well as display the glory of God in everything: his words, his actions, his attitudes, his recreational activities, his entertainment choices, his responses to other people, his view of life, and so much more. Without targeting the glory of God, a person has no hope of realizing the true peace that God desires for his people.

While we have peace with God through Jesus Christ that is secured in our salvation, the ongoing peace of God is not a guaranteed quality of life. Sanctification must take place, and this requires work on the part of every believer, beginning with a change of mindset and heart regarding glorifying God.

If you struggle with fighting in your home relationships, then focus your attention on giving and displaying the glory of God, regardless of what anyone else does in your home, or whatever happens. If everyone does this in your home, it will lead to the true peace of God, which will bring honor and glory to God in the highest, to whom alone all glory is due.


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