2015: A Year for Scriptural Saturation

“Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly….” – Colossians 3:16

With only two days before the new year begins, it is the time for reflection upon the past year and looking ahead to 2015. Resolutions of various kinds will flood our minds, but perhaps there is no better area of life to consider improving than the saturation of our minds and hearts with God’s Word.bible

Let’s face it, our world is not getting any better. Culture is not pushing us towards embracing Scriptural truth. Our society is turning away from scriptural values, truths, and principles. Sadly it seems that many within Christianity are following those trends, though perhaps at a slower pace. It is high time for God’s people to wake up and recommit ourselves to not only embrace God’s Word, but to saturate our minds and hearts with God’s Word, allowing it to change who we are, how we think, and how we live.

Here are just a few practical ideas to help believers in this process.

1. Stick to a Bible reading plan. Too many Christians are random in their daily Bible reading. Find a Bible reading plan and stick to it. Along with this, plan to read every day. Find a time and place to read God’s Word. It is the fuel for our spiritual growth. No one can be a spiritual Christian apart from regularly feasting on God’s Word. It is the manna for our soul. There are many good schedules including the M’Cheyne Bible Read Through, the Chronological Read Through, or just reading through the Bible in a Year. Choose one and stick to it.

2.  Challenge yourself to memorize God’s Word. Too many Christians make the excuse that they cannot memorize scripture. But the truth is that anyone can memorize scripture, if they believe it to be important enough. If we can memorize sports statistics or movie lines, then we can memorize God’s Word. Let’s challenge ourselves to memorize scripture. Hiding God’s Word in our hearts will help us in our spiritual warfare.

3. Study a portion of God’s Word in more detail. Christians should not be afraid to purchase good conservative Bible commentaries or theological books. These books can be of tremendous value  and help us understand the biblical text in greater detail than we could otherwise. Computer resources like blueletterbible.org or other Bible software can be used to help the Christian go deeper in biblical study where he can mine the rich treasures of God’s Word. We should not be satisfied with skimming the surface of scripture, but rather allow the richness of God’s Word to fully penetrate our hearts.

4. Attend every service of your local church. This is fundamental to the spiritual growth of every Christian. As much as we would like to think otherwise, no Christian is meant to function successfully apart from a church family. We need others to help us, keep us accountable, and push us towards God’s Word. We need the regular preaching and teaching of God’s Word to feed our souls. One “meal” a week is not sufficient. In 2015, let’s purpose in our hearts to be at every service at our church, unless providentially hindered.

5. Listen to God-honoring preaching. While we are to regularly attend our local churches for the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, it is also helpful to listen to other good preaching during the rest of the week. Sermonaudio.com is a great starting place to find godly men who faithfully proclaim God’s Word. Sermons can be listened to online, or downloaded onto computers, phones, and other portable devices and can encourage our hearts throughout the week.

Christians must be known as Bible people. We must learn to think in Bible terms and live according to biblical truth. these tips can be helpful, but unless we appropriate the truth of God’s Word that we hear and read into our daily living, it will all be fruitless. Every Christian has the tools necessary to be a spiritual person. We have God’s Word, God’s Spirit, and God’s grace. May 2015 be a great year of growth for us all as we strive to have a year where the Scripture Saturates our hearts and minds for the glory of God.


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