One New Year’s Resolution Worth Making

Psalm 119:10, “With my whole heart I seek you….”

Now that the holiday rush has essentially ended, the reality of a new year is setting in, along with sobering thoughts of what goals we should set. While there is nothing wrong with setting various kinds of goals for the year, we should set one desire ahead of them all. Every Christian should strive to echo the words of the psalmist here in seeking God wholeheartedly. This speaks of a frequent, regular, life-consuming purseeking-godsuit of God.

Seek after God’s person. God has graciously given us His Word in order for us to know Him. The Bible is not just a guidebook for life, it is the very revelation of God. We need to commit ourselves to know God in our Bible reading, not just check off a box in our yearly reading schedule.

Seek after God’s pleasure. There are things that please God, and therefore there are things that do not please Him. It should be our daily pursuit to only do those things that please our Father, and therefore to remove and shun those things which do not. Our pleasures must be submitted to the pleasures of God.

Seek after God’s purposes. God wants more from us than just coasting along in our Christian walk. God desires our sanctification even more than we do. God desires us to evangelize the lost around us. God desires that every part of our lives elevates Him above all.

Seek after God’s people. As God’s people, we need each other more than we realize. No Christian is meant to function properly apart from the regular and faithful interaction with the church. We must commit ourselves to attend every service at church, but also commit ourselves to frequent interaction, encouragement, and edification of God’s people outside the church walls.

Seek after God’s power. As believers, we have the tools necessary for powerful Christian living. God has given us as believers His Spirit to guide us, His attention in prayer to help and strengthen us, and His grace to enable us to live the kind of Christian lives God would have us live.

Seek after God’s peace. Peace with God is secured in our justification. The peace of God should be an ongoing pursuit of every Christian, as we cast all of our cares upon God, and relinquish all control over our lives. Control freaks have no peace because they are too worried about what must be controlled next. Those whose minds are fully trusting in the Lord will find their souls at rest.

Seek after God’s presence. The day of Christ’s return is drawing near. Believers need to start thinking and living more today in light of eternity. 2015 could be the year when we see the Lord face to face. We need to be more aware of this reality.

RESOLVED: to seek after the God of the Bible wholeheartedly, unreservedly, and unashamedly in 2015.


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