Five Ways Husbands Can Show Love to their Wives

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a day when many husbands rush to get their wives some kind of expression of their love. It could be a piece of jewelry, some flowers, chocolates, or a card. While those things are nice, they will all be thrown away, will break, or disappear. Here are five ways husbands can show love to their wives in such a way that is more meaningful than any tangible object found at the store.valentines-day-wallpaper

1. Have a heart and life that demonstrate ultimate love for God. Since this is the first and greatest commandment in all the Bible, it makes sense that this is the best way you as a husband can tell your wife that you love her. Growing in your supreme love for God will not take away your affection for your wife, but only enhance it. Any godly husband will realize that his love for God must be top priority in his heart and life.

2. Be a man of purity. Let’s face it men, this world is no friend of purity. From Fifty Shades of Grey, to Gray’s Anatomy, the philosophy of the ungodly culture around us is one of fleshliness, sensuality, and impurity. As men, one important way of showing love to our wives is by continually cultivating a life of purity. We must strive for purity in our hearts, in our minds, in our entertainment and in our relationships. Purity will tell your wife that you love her and her only, and therefore have shunned all others.

3. Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness. Your daily habits of Christian living will formulate your love for God, and therefore help to dictate what kind of life you will live for God’s glory. The more spiritually disciplined you are, the more love this will demonstrate to your wife. She needs a man who is a strong spiritual leader, not one who flies by the seat of his spiritual pants. Cultivate the spiritual disciplines; it will show that you care for the spiritual well being of your marriage and your home.

4.  Be a servant. Too many men sit idly by expecting or even demanding their wives to do all the work around the house. If you truly love your wife, you will not wait to be asked to help, but instead you will look for ways to be a blessing to your wife. This will demonstrate a great heart of selfless love to your wife.

5.  Be humble and willing to admit fault. Humility has been called the queen of the Christian virtues. Humility brings with it the grace of God and will also communicate a heart of love to your wife. Be willing to take loving correction from your wife. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re wrong; admit it and seek forgiveness.

These are just five of the many ways we as husbands can show love to our wives, not only one day a year, but every day of every year. Doing so is part of being a godly man, who strives to be the kind of husband that glorifies God.


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