Spiritual and Devoted Christians

David Brainerd, 18th century American missionary to the Native American Indians in New Jersey, wrote in his diary (The Life and Diary of David BrainerdDavid-Brainerd, 133), “Oh, that ministers and people were more spiritual and devoted to God!”

Here are two groups of people he mentions. Ministers. These are the men who stand behind the pulpits of Christ’s church and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Oh that we would be men of deep spirituality rather than carnality. People. This encompasses everyone, including ministers of the gospel. The people in our churches must also be devoted to a life of utter spirituality.

There is such a thing as a “spiritual Christian” and a “carnal Christian.” The spiritual Christian is controlled by the Spirit of God and seeks to live his life under the influence of the Spirit. The carnal Christian is controlled more by his fleshly nature than the Spirit and is influenced more by his fleshly desires than the desires of God.

Our devotion to God must be singular in nature. There are more and more pressures and allurements being thrown our way every day as Christians that detract us from our devotion to God. Whether it be money, sports, entertainment, or a host of other things, there is no shortage of ways to be distracted from our devotion to God.

Today the family is under attack; God’s word continues to be dismissed; secularism and pragmatism is eroding the church. It is time for God’s people to wake up to the reality that this world is not our home, nor our friend. We must stand vigilant for Christ, be utterly devoted to Him, and cultivate, under the control of the Holy Spirt, a life of deep spirituality.

As our spirituality and devotion grows, so will our evangelistic impact in our world. Christ will continue to shine the light of the gospel into this dark world and save those who come to Him by faith alone. May we commit ourselves to a more spiritual and devoted life to God, all for His glory.


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