5 Things Your Pastor Needs on the Lord’s Day

Pastoral ministry is not easy; it is not always enjoyable; it is not always fun; however, it is a vocation that can be the most glorious and blessed in all the world. At their very best, Pastors are just men. Pastors have human frailtiepastoral-ministrys, difficulties, burdens, and frustrations, just like every other member of the church. While ministry takes place throughout the week, there is the reality that the Lord’s Day is the one day around which every Pastor’s life revolves. Our primary responsibility is to feed the flock of God the Word of God on the Lord’s Day. Therefore, our week either looks forward to the Lord’s Day, or is “recovering” from the Lord’s Day. We always know that Sunday is coming.

What does your Pastor need on the Lord’s Day from you and from the Lord? I offer a few things by way of suggestions of how you can specifically pray for your Pastor.

  1.  Pray for the power of God’s Spirit as your Pastor preaches and teaches God’s Word. The power in our preaching does not come from our eloquence, our personalities, our techniques, our humor, or our ability to tell a good story. The power in preaching comes from the Spirit of God using the Word of God, faithfully spoken by the man of God. Your Pastor needs the power of God as he preaches and teaches God’s Word.
  2. Pray for God’s people to attend the worship services of your church. The average church member does not fully understand how discouraging it is when church members do not faithfully and regularly attend the worship services. When the corporate worship times of God’s people takes second place to things of lesser importance, it is discouraging to your Pastor. He longs to see the flock of God put the Lord first on the Lord’s Day. A simple way that this takes place is through the regular and faithful attendance of the services.
  3. Pray for God’s people to be receptive to God’s Word. Every Pastor desires to see change and growth in the hearts and lives of God’s people. However, we also know full well that the work of sanctification is not something we can manufacture from the pulpit. Pastors wish for their people to faithfully be in God’s Word all throughout the week in order to come ready to receive the preaching and teaching of God’s Word on the Lord’s Day. Receptive, humble hearts before God’s Word resulting in a willing change of life enabled by the Spirit of God will be very encouraging to your Pastor.
  4. Pray for stamina and physical strength for your Pastor. There are many weeks when your Pastor goes through an emotionally and/or spiritually grueling  week. When The Lord’s Day comes, no matter how well he prepares himself for the day, he is still very tired and burdened. He needs the strength of the Lord and even the physical stamina to go through a busy and full day of ministry opportunities. Your Pastor needs your prayers in this regard.
  5. Pray for patience and longevity for your Pastor. I will guess that every pastor struggles at some point in time with being “results-oriented” in ministry. The success of ministries is often gauged merely by numerical or tangible results. But in ministry, those do not always, or often, take place. While it can be frustrating, your Pastor needs patience to endure for the long haul, to be faithful in his ministry tasks, and to trust that the Lord will produce whatever fruit He deems best.

Would you pray these things for your Pastor for this week? Would you pray these kinds of things for your Pastor every week? Your pastor prays for the flock of God (at least he should) to be faithful, to be in attendance, to be willing to grow and change. But your Pastor has needs as well. Pray for him, particularly on the Lord’s Day, that he would find his source of joy, peace, strength, and rest in God, for whose glory he ministers.


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