Christmas Family Devotional

It is amazing to think that Christmas is just over 2 months away. This year has gone by so quickly. Let me encourage you to consider purchasing a devotional tool that is meant either for individual use or as a family. It is entitled, Rejoicing in Christ, the Newborn King. This devotional is meant to begin on December 1st and be used through Christmatj books day. It contains scriptural reflections as well as good Christian hymns to sing around the theme of Christ’s first advent.

Here is a review given on about this book:

Pastor Joos does a great job of incorporating Biblical truths about Christ’s birth with traditional Christmas hymns that we know and love. So many Christians know far too little about the Biblical identity of Christ. This devotional reintroduces Jesus in a unique, biblical manner that is a great tool for the whole family. It is such a blessing to have a family sing hymns together. We look forward to using it each year in December.

And another:

I appreciate Pastor Joos for putting together such a helpful reminder of everything Christ’s birth means to us as believers. We have some deep hymns for teaching our children, as well as ourselves the doctrine of Christ’s incarnation and Taigen combines the best of these in this devotional book. It helped us be intentional about talking through each one with our family. We bought these for each of our family members at Thanksgiving so they would have them in time for Dec 1st.

You can purchase this book a couple of different ways. If you want individual copies, you can go to here. If you would like to order this in bulk for your church or a multitude of people, i would encourage you to go through the publisher here. Through this latter link, you can also see samples of the devotional and also see the list of hymns used.

If you have used this book, I would be interested in your feedback as well. May God help us to prepare well for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.


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