Distinction is Under Attack

In the quest for Biblical manhood (and womanhood for that matter), we must realize that there are attacks coming from many sides that seek to destroy what God has designed and what God desires. One of those attacks that is slowly, but steadily, making progress within greater Christianity is the attack against Biblical distinctions betwegenders1en men and women.

Gender distinction is a foundational Biblical truth. God created Adam from the dust of the ground; He built Eve out of a rib from Adam. The two were distinctly different in appearance, in anatomy, and aim. Sexuality differences between the two were obvious. God created Man and Woman to fit together in a unique way that is beautiful, harmonious, and pleasing. This has not changed in God’s design.

However, as time has progressed from Eden, the distinctions between genders has been attacked by Satan. Gender distinction is a beautiful thing, but Satan seeks to destroy that which is beautiful, and replace it with that which is ugly. As he does this, he deceives people into believing that what is beautiful is in fact ugly, and what is ugly is indeed beautiful. The primary ways he has sought to do this is through the blurring of sexuality. Homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, transgenderism, gender confusion, asexuality, or other deviations, all are intended to tear down the beautiful gender distinctions which God has innately built into mankind.

In the 21st century, we see these attacks in full force. Accompanying these attacks is also a secondary attack on the ideals of Biblical masculinity and Biblical femininity. Those notions are in fact disappearing from the landscape of western culture in general and American Christianity specifically. In their places are caricatures of what masculinity and femininity should be. Our men are taught by our lost culture that masculinity involves power, multiple sexual liaisons, and abs of steel. Our women are taught that femininity involves independence, a sexually provocative appearance, and naughty behavior. These are not just things that unbelievers think; our men, women, sons, and daughters within the church are believing these things as well.

Biblical distinctions between manhood and womanhood are true, good, and beautiful. True because they are in keeping with God’s assessment of manhood and womanhood; good because they foster true virtue; beautiful because they conform to God’s creative design. As Christians we do not have the right to change, blur, or do away with these distinctions. Christian men must not swallow the lies of the world, nor should Christian women.

Christian moms and dads must also seek to cultivate a Biblical model of manhood and womanhood before their children, and guard their children against the attacks against Biblical manhood and womanhood. Men, we must train our sons to cultivate the true virtues of manhood. Women, you must train your daughters to cultivate the true virtues of womanhood. If you want your children to marry virtuous people, you must train them to be virtuous people themselves and therefore be attractive to those who are virtuous.

As Christians, we must not allow Biblical distinctions to die, but preserve them in the ways that truly give God honor and glory.


The Need for Honorable Christian Men

One thing that is becoming more obvious to me is that the number of men who are serious about the things of the Lord is diminishing. Many men withinhonor Christianity will give lip service to God, but few will give life service to God. In other words, there is a shortage of honorable Christian men.

Love for God demands obedience to God’s Word and sacrificial love for God’s people. Those two things are biblically clear (John 14:15; 1 John 4:20-21). However, too many Christian men deemphasize those two loves and are more consumed with a third kind of love, a love of self. This is displayed in a variety of ways.

A love of self can be displayed in one’s deportment as a man. The world views true manhood as exhibiting some kind of bravado, machismo, or dominating personality. Pride and cockiness, however, only reveal a lack of biblical manhood.

A love of self can be displayed in one’s treatment of others. Men may treat their wives and children as nuisances or merely as a means for their own fulfillment. Men may treat others as merely pawns to help them get what they want, climb the corporate ladder, and gain the riches of this world. However, using others for personal, selfish gain is not what biblical manhood is all about.

A love of self can be displayed in one’s treatment of self. Men may strive to be somewhat of an Adonis figure, believing that bulging muscles and hulking physiques determine true manhood. Or husbands and fathers can indulge in their own pleasures and fancies and wishes, while depriving their wives and children of needs. However, these selfish treatments do not fit the picture of biblical manhood.

Our world has created two faulty caricatures of manhood. On one side of the spectrum, there is the view that says real men are womanizers, conquerors, rich and powerful, and have a sleek physique. On the other side of the spectrum, our world paints a picture of how men are viewed: often slobbish, sexual perverts, lazy, and buffoons. This is seen primarily through the television industry.

The Bible sets forth the right picture of what true manhood looks like. It is ultimately found in the perfect man, Jesus Christ, and his character traits are found in a variety of ways throughout the Scripture. In the next several posts, I hope to give a more biblical description of what it means to truly be an honorable Christian man for the glory of God.

Christian men, it is time to stop merely playing the game of Christianity, and truly devote ourselves to Honorable Christian Manhood. Our families need this; our churches need this; and God desires it.