Where is Christ in Easter?

Recently, I received in the mail a church flier concerning Easter. The flier is colorful and engaging, but one thing stuck out to me about it: there is nothing spoken of Christ or anything Christian. There are promises of things being given away, egg hunts for the children, and experiences to be had, but nothing about Christ or a message pointing people to a risen Savior.jesusresurrection8

Is this the pattern of many churches today? Has the most important event on the Christian calendar been commercialized and consumer driven to the point of being unrecognizable? Do churches today feel that they have to bait people into coming to church events in order to slip in some kind of gospel message?

Easter is not about eggs, rabbits, spring colors, pretty dresses, or candy. Christ is the central figure of Easter. He is the sole reason for Easter. It is the resurrection of Jesus Christ that makes the day Easter.

Keep Christ central to Easter.


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