Five Things Every Child Can Give Mom on Mother’s Day

The Bible commends honoring our mothers. Exodus 20 and Ephesians 6 are just two passages that highlight this idea. Here are five things that every child who is of a knowledgeable age can give his/her mother this Mother’s Day.Mothers_Day-1024x768

A hug. Hugs do not cost anything, but are worth more than a child can imagine. A hug brings the child close to mom, and closeness to her child is what a mom craves. I don’t know of too many moms who do not enjoy receiving big ol’ bear hugs from their kids, no matter how old their children are. I watch my 60-something year old mom and uncle give my 80-something year old grandma a hug, and she never tires of it.

A card. Cards do not have to cost a child anything. From the time our children were old enough to draw and write, they were making cards for their mother. Those precious works of art are treasured as simple tokens of affection from the children. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a card either, but my kids know that their hand-made cards are more than sufficient to bring my wife great joy on Mother’s Day.

Appreciation. Appreciation can come in a variety of forms. Whether it is verbally stated in some way around the dinner table, written in card form, or through various gifts or acts, it is good to train the children to appreciate all that their mothers do for them. Appreciation trains the children to be thankful, which is a virtue of Himalayan importance.

Respect. To respect one’s mother is to acknowledge the honor that God has placed upon her. God honors all women, yet there is a special honor given to godly mothers, as Proverbs 31 points out. Her children rise up and call her blessed. No child should be allowed to show disrespect to his/her mother. To do so is to disrespect God. Children should respect their mothers in their words, responses, attitudes, and obedience, just to name a few areas.

Rest. A very practical gift that children (and husbands) can give is the gift of rest. By this I mean that they should not make the wife/mother do all the work on Mother’s Day. Take her out to eat, or better yet, make her her favorite meal at home. Moms are busy ladies with much on their plates, and to help her in the kitchen and allow her a few moments of rest could be a gift of great significance. And by the way, this doesn’t have to be only a Mother’s Day treat, either.

So there are five ideas of what your child can do for his/her mom. Honor your mother, that it may go well with you, and that you may be blessed on this earth. In giving honor to your mother, you give honor to your God.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom! Being three thousand miles away is difficult, but I appreciate her, respect her, and hope that her card arrives on time. 🙂