A Prayer for the New Year

God, you are infinitely and eternally holy. Because of this, it is only through Jesus Christ that I humbly approach you in prayer.

You are majestically holy, transcending all creation in your eternaprayerforthenewyearal otherness. You are distinct from your creation and remain sovereign over it all. You are also morally holy, ever set apart from all things sinful, evil, and wicked. In you there is no darkness at all, for you are altogether light.

For 2017, I pray that you would make me more aware of and thankful for your transcendent holiness, and help me to understand the blessedness of the Creator-creature distinction. I also pray that you would help me to grow in my moral holiness, even as you are holy. May every aspect and nuance of my life and lifestyle be submitted to your holiness, and be more conformed to the image of your Holy and righteous Son, Jesus Christ.

I submit myself in humility before you, as I sit on the brink of a new year. May this next year be one of more spiritual growth than the years before, and may your holiness guide me throughout its days.

I pray this in keeping with the will and character of Jesus Christ, the Holy One of God. Amen.


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